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See the newest improvements of BMW vehicles

The starting of new year continually gives many options to get the car in a very great price. Nevertheless, it is value to take notice at each offer and test each facts about the vehicle. Here are many basic components available in the car such as air-condition and the radio but contemporary automobile and contemporary driver wants something more than the wheel, accelerator, brake and clutch pedal. The modern vehicle should be supplied with plenty technology gadgets which will assist to improve the pleasure of driving and it will make the adventure nice for the people.

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1 of the company which understands well the requirements and demands of contemporary customers is German car organization, BMW. BMW creates cars from the future.

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The cars which are manufactured in west part in Germany, should be very functional and furnished with many gadgets which will help the BMW’s owners in being out of standard.

One of the gadgets are bmw apps and cic retrofit - large selection of. Retrofit is full navigation system which will assist each driver to reach his or her location place. The CIC navigation is an advance navigation which have numerous useful functions and advantages like: The main unit is equipped with 80GB and HDD is based with the latest updates – it will allow to upload any road maps the drivers want.

• Huge display (8,8 in .) – the users will be able to notice the route clearly. What is more, the navigation can be also applied as the movie player which can be very helpful in long trips and with offspring.

• The device can be controlled making use of the owner’s sound – it is very helpful and safe because the driver does not need concentrate on the device instead of driving. Additionally, it is the innovation which can be found just in those navigation systems which underline the high excellence of BMW vehicles.

• Many words to choose from – the BMW vehicles can be located in almost each corner of the planet, so it is crucial to prepare the devices which will be practical in various region than English-speaking.